ISECN Members’ Presentations

Poster Session/Sesión de poster/ Séance d’affichage:

  1. Mariana Sanmartino, “Chagas urbano: La Mirada de los integrantes de un equipo de salud”
  2. Amina M Jama, “Health promoting communication in PHC – a case study of health square in the South of Sweden”
  3. Sophie Dupéré, “Rough, jaune, vert, noir: Être pauvre s’en sortir selon des homes en situation de pauvreté”
  4. Candice L Lys, “Coming of age: How young women in the Northwest Territories (Canada) understand barriers and facilitators to positive, empowered, and safer sexual health” 
  5. George D. Bakhturidze, “Population’s attitude toward Tobacco control policy in Georgia”
  6. James Smith (co-author), “Building capacity in Health Impact Assessments (HIA): an opportunity to shift health system thinking”
  7. Emily Fisher, “Youth empowerment programmes: Leaders’ perspectives on power and empowerment” 
  8. Mariana Sanmartino, “Una experiencia educative innovadora para formar promotores de salud en contexto rural”
  9. Helga B. Urke, “Social determinants of health in poor ruralities in Peru” 
  10. Torill Bull (co-author), “Understanding how the poorest can thrive: A case study of the Mangyan women on Mindoro, Philippines”
  11. Morgan Stavøstrand, “Social Determinants of Health Among Aboriginal Women of Child-bearing Age in Rural Saskatchewan

Guided Poster Tour:

  1. James Smith, “’A degree in life experience and a Masters in reality’: Celebrating, valuing and supporting an Aboriginal health development workforce during an organisational re-structure”
  2. Novella Amy Martinello, “Online conversations of university students: environmental concerns”

Electronic Posters:

  1. Crystal Autry Andvik (Torill Bull, co-author), “Social determinants of health: striving and thriving in dire conditions: Is it possible?”
  2. Ngasuma Kanyeka (Torill Bull, co-author), “Resilience among women of childbearing age in Pemba-Zanzibar- Tanzania”

Oral presentations:

  1. Elish Riggs, “Teeth Tales: Addressing child oral health inequalities in refugee and migrant communities”
  2. Daniel Fuller, “Tracking the reach of a cycling intervention: the case of a large-scale, public bicycle share program”
  3. James Smith, “Using men’s experiences of help-seeking and health service use to advance men’s health promotion efforts: An Australian perspective”
  4. James Smith (co-author), “Mainstreaming sustainable quality improvement in health promotion in a government agency: Is it possible?”
  5. Peter Delobelle, “Developing a health promoting hospital in rural South Africa”


  1. Torill Bull, “Highlighting results from the IUHPE social determinants of health in very poor ruralities project”
  2. Torill Bull and Elisha Riggs, “Exploring the need for an international code of ethics for Health Promotion”
  3. Emily Fisher and ISECN members, “ISECN information session”
  4. Mariana Sanmartino, “La problemática del Chagas, ahora tambien urbana y global. Nuevas respuestas para nuevos escenarios”
  5. James Smith:
  • “Acting at the research-policy-practice nexus: What role does the health promotion workforce play?”
  • “Success stories in indigenous health promotion”
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