New Media Group Contributes to Online Presence during IUHPE World Conference

By Dana Karen Ciccone

The ISECN new media working group first convened on a rainy day in the fall of 2008, with a handful of members on a Skype conference call. Since then, we have grown to more than double our original size, which has introduced new skills, energy and creativity, which we hope to leverage to make a significant contribution to the larger visibility and impact of the work of ISECN and its members.

Much of the work we did in 2010 centered on the world conference in Geneva, for which we created an online presence both leading up to and throughout the event, mainly through Twitter, Facebook, and our conference blog. We sought to be an information source for members using social networking tools as well as a catalyst for dialogue. Using the hashtag #IUHPE2010, conference participants were able to make comments in real-time that were shared using a widget on the central conference web site. We were delighted to see IUHPE members using this tool not only to remark on the happenings on the conference itself, but especially to discuss important health promotion trends and challenges that came up throughout the plenary sessions.

We took this approach to another level with ISECN’s specially organized session “What can health promotion learn from social movements?” hosted by Professor Maurice Mittelmark. Participants were encouraged to submit comments and questions via Twitter, handwritten note and text message—which made for an engaging multimedia interaction and high energy discussion.

Modified from March 2011 Newsletter article

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