Hope Corbin, Bellingham/USA


Hope teaches in the Human Services Program at Western Washington University.

ISECN/IUHPE involvement:

Hope was the founding member of ISECN and served as its Global Chair from 2006-2011. Hope was elected to the Board of Trustees of the IUHPE for 2010-2016 and is on the Editorial Board for Global Health Promotion. She now serves the ISECN leadership team in an advisory capacity.

Research focus:

Hope studies health promotion partnership in all its forms, including public-private partnerships, international professional partnerships and North-South partnerships. She presents this research at many international conferences and has published several articles and book chapters. Hope is the originator of the Bergen Model of Collaborative Functioning, which is the model being used to evaluate the ALICE RAP project, one of the the largest health research collaborations ever funded by the EU. Hope is available for consulting work. Hope’s CV


Hope lives in Bellingham, WA, USA with her husband, son and daughter. She loves to cook, hike and travel.

For more info about Hope, check out her Spotlight

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