Marie Josefine Grimm, Bergen/Norway


As a Master of Philosophy in Health Promotion, graduated from the University of Bergen, Norway, I am conducting research on international, national, and local policies to promote health and health equity. My diploma thesis on German policies ( and my master thesis on Norwegian policies ( were both published and can be accessed freely.

ISECN/IUHPE involvement:

I joined the IUHPE in 2010 and have been an active ISECN member since spring 2011. As the Technical Development Coordinator of ISECN I contribute to the development of the ISECN website and am responsible for its further technical progress. In addition, I am member of the Editorial Board for the monthly ISECN newsletter “Health Promotion Connection”.

Research interest:

I am particularly interested in European, national and local public health- and health promotion policies. Key aspects of my work include perspectives on health, equity, inclusion, poverty reduction, policy implementation, (new) public management, and street level bureaucracy.

To read my CV, please click here: CV_MarieJGrimm


I was born in Magdeburg/Germany and have been living in Bergen/Norway with my husband since 2008. I enjoy traditional archery, painting, handspinning, and reading contemporary novels.

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