Gabriel Oguda, Nairobi/Kenya


Gabriel is currently pursuing an M.Phil (International Health Promotion) degree at the University of Bergen, Norway.

IUHPE/ISECN Involvement

Gabriel joined IUHPE in 2010 as part of the New Media Group responsible for the redevelopment of the ISECN website. Currently, he is the African Regional Representative responsible for mapping out health promotion activities, and involvement of health promotion voices across Africa.

Research Interests

Gabriel has been involved in extensive research activities at the African Institute for Health & Development (AIHD), Kenya. His main research interest is health among the rural poor. His Master’s thesis will focus on the determinants of health among the Luo co-wives of Nyanza Province, Kenya using the Salutogenesis theoretical framework.


Gabriel was born in Kisumu, Nyanza Province, Kenya. He is currently living in Bergen, Norway. He loves writing articles, reading non-fiction, and debating.

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