Torill Bull, Bergen/Norway


Torill is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Health Promotion and Development at the University of Bergen, Norway.  She is also teaching in the health promotion programmes at the University. Her educational background is from nursing and psychology, with Master’s and PhD Degrees in health promotion.

ISECN/IUHPE involvement:

Torill has been engaged in ISECN from its creation in 2006. She assisted Hope Corbin in the network’s development, functioning as Global Secretary from 2007-2011.  She was the leader of the ISECN Ethics Working Group, and the Editor of the IUHPE web forum ‘Views of Health Promotion Online’. Torill continues to lend her expertise to various ISECN initiatives and is an active member.

Research interest:

Torill has strong research interests in social determinants of health and health equity, with a focus on salutogenic and resource perspectives. She has focused on the topic of women’s health and thriving under challenging circumstances, including single motherhood in Europe and being a mother in poor rural areas in the developing world. Her postdoctoral project is on processes towards empowerment of women in marital relationships in the Global South, mostly in patriarchal areas. She is also engaged in research on health inequalities and healthy public policies in Europe.

Please view Torill’s CV by clicking here.


Torill lives on the West Coast of Norway, in the beautiful city of Bergen. Aside from her husband and three grown children, she loves travelling, reading, writing, learning languages, creative sewing, gardening, colleagues, friends… Never, ever bored.

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