Juliane Hesse, Magdeburg/Germany


Juliane just finished her international Master’s programme in Health Promotion (M.Phil.) at the University of Bergen, Norway. She is self-employed for the German Network of Health Promoting Universities and currently looking for an interesting position in the Austrian job market.

Involvement in ISECN/IUHPE

Juliane has been a member of IUHPE since 2009 and is actively involved in ISECN activities since 2010. She worked as a volunteer at the 20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion in Geneva, Switzerland as part of the New Media Group. In this regard, she has contributed to the development of the ISECN website.In April 2011, Juliane has joined the ISECN leadership team in her role as the Global Secretary.

Research interests

Juliane has a background in health promotion and management. Her diploma thesis dealt with student’s health in relation to physical activity. Currently, she focusesin her master thesis on mental well-being of employed mothers in central European countries and the influence of job and family related factors. She is particularly interested in the field of positive psychology and mental health issues in general. For the future, she wishes to increase her knowledge especially with regard to health professionalism and possibilities for future workplaces.


Juliane is originally from a small village close to Magdeburg/Germany. In May 2012 she moved with her fiancé to Austria in a beautiful village within the Alps. Her interests are family, friends, movies, shopping, puzzles and physical activities (indoor and outdoor).

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