Peter Delobelle, Brussels/Belgium


Postdoctoral researcher, Member of the Belgian Association of Public Health, Public Health Association of South Africa, Royal Society for Public Health, Global Unification International, and Global Health Council.

Involvement in ISECN/IUHPE

I have been actively involved in ISECN as EURO Regional Coordinator and Associate Editor of the monthly newsletter since its inception in 2009, assisting with its lay-out, news updates, conference announcements and publications. I have represented ISECN and participated in panel discussions at international conferences, published in the IUHPE journal Global Health Promotion, and actively participate in the journal club of the ISECN Working Group on Africa.

Research Focus

My background extends from medical journalism through humanitarian to academic work in public health. My research interests focus on health promoting settings, including health care organizations and communities, and I am keen on developing a new vision for public health based on social justice and equity and articulated in a globalized environment, with attention towards building health competency through participatory approaches.


I divide my time between living and working in Belgium and sub-Saharan Africa. I love hiking and listening to music.

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  1. Astrid Zanders says:

    Astrid here. Is that you? I know you from Belgium, Ghent, via Nic. I live now in South Africa for 18 years already and recently found an article back “Te voet naar Santiago de Compostela”. I always enjoyed talking to you. I publish my own magazines for Plettenberg Bay South Africa.


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