Martin Zabrodsky, Innsbruck/Austria


Martin Zabrodsky is a fourth semester master student in “International Health Care Management” at the Management Center Innsbruck in Austria, from which he will graduate in September 2012.

Research focus:

Currently, Martin is writing his thesis about the approach of the European Union in terms of cancer from a policy perspective. He has been interested in the development of NCDs for two years and has been involved in research projects about NCDs on a global scale. His particular interest is the development of NCDs and its global impact which received particular status in the UN-Summit last year. In this regards, he is interested in all kinds of fields such as planning, monitoring and evaluating of projects and programs, public health, research, and the development of Private-Public Partnerships, among other things.

ISECN Involvement:

Martin would be very pleased to join/establish project or research groups in this field but also any other fields dealing with health issues. Please feel free to send him a mail: m.zabrodsky(at)

Please find Martin’s CV by clicking here.

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