Sussy Nchogu, Nairobi/Kenya


Sussy is a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the African Development and Emergency Organization. She has been involved in development work since 2006 in several NGOs as a Program Officer, and consultant.


Sussy joined IUHPE in 2007 and soon after got involved as a co-manager of the Views of Health Promotion Online (VHPO) under the Ethics Working group. She has worked with other ISECN colleagues in the Ethics Working group in conducting an online survey on the Code of Ethics and also the development of a paper that has been submitted for publication in the Global Health Promotion journal. The paper is based on findings from the online survey.

Research Interests

Sussy has been involved in research work in different sectors in the various NGOs she has worked for since 2006. Her research interests are in education, adolescents and young people’s reproductive health and monitoring and evaluation. She has a background in Literature, Sociology and Population Studies.


Sussy lives in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Her hobbies include: reading, writing, travelling, cooking, shopping and nature walks.

Please find Sussy’s CV by clicking here.

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