PhD in Social and Cultural Health Studies, NARO

1. Brock University, Canada

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2 Responses to PhD in Social and Cultural Health Studies, NARO

  1. isecnorg says:

    Dear Baghersd, thank you for your interest in this post. As we only collect and list education opportunities for students and health promoters world wide, we do not have any detailed information about the specific application criteria. We would therefore recommend you to visit the university’s website to find out more about the application process.

    We wish you good luck!

    Kind regards,
    Marie Tallarek, ISECN

  2. baghersd says:

    Dear Mr. Mrs.
    i am graduate of master degree of Health Education from Tarbiat modare university of Iran. i am interested to researching and studying about social determinants health. It considers the major very much relate to the item. i read it characteristics of the major and i am keen on applying for it. Truly i wish to study the major. may i fulfill the idea?
    the best redards


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