Bull T., Riggs E., Nchogu S. (2013) Report from the ISECN Ethics Working Group. Recommendations for an IUHPE model of ethics in health promotion

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Recommendations for an IUHPE model of ethics in health promotion


In early 2008 the immediate past President of IUHPE, Maurice Mittelmark, asked members of IUHPE Student and Early Career Network (ISECN) if they could draft a global Code of Ethics (CoE) for health promotion, based on the Ottawa Charter .  This request came as a response to a call for such a CoE in various publications (Sindall 2002, Mittelmark 2008a).  ISECN responded by creating an Ethics Working Group.  In June 2011 the preliminary results from the group’s work were presented to the IUHPE Board of Trustees, and we received encouragement to continue the work towards a draft for a Code of Ethics. After a long process the working group presents a model for the IUHPE Board of Trustees to consider.
The development of the model has involved a literature review, analysis of health promotion documents, assessment of existing ethical frameworks, a global IUHPE membership survey, conference workshops, publications, discussions — which have all culminated in the present model.  We would like to acknowledge support from the following people:  Maurice Mittelmark played a special role by entrusting us with a meaningful challenge. He has also remained supportive throughout the process. Diane Levin-Zamir was a good discussant in the earlier phases.  A special recognition goes to Hope Corbin and Gabrielle Holmefjord who were both previous members of the Ethics Working Group.  Finally we would like to thank all IUHPE members who took the time to answer our survey and thereby provided us with valuable insights for the development of the model we present, and the members who took part in our ethics workshop at the IUHPE world conference in Geneva in 2010.

In this submission of our work to IUHPE, we feel humble at the experience of so many health promoters who have contributed to the discourse on ethics in health promotion.  We ask IUHPE to consider our suggestions which might or might not contribute to a CoE for health promotion.  We acknowledge this material may need to be developed further by more experienced (and funded) health promoters.  However, our hope is that this material stimulates and progresses the discourse on ethics in health promotion.

The ISECN Ethics Working Group,

Dr.Torill Bull, Bergen/Norway
Dr.Elisha Riggs, Melbourne/Australia
Ms.Sussy Nchogu, Nairobi

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