Investments for Health: Through the Ottawa Charter Looking Glass. A PechaKucha Discussion Facilitated by ISECN (Sub-plenary session)

ISECN members presented a PechaKucha during this sub-plenary session. Of the seven presenters, three could not make it, but they submitted videos of their presentation. Unfortunately, due to the large file size of the videos, they cannot be posted here; however, presenters and a short description of each project is included below.

  1. Andre-Anne Parent (video): This presentation illustrates how the province of Quebec (Canada) has inscribed an innovative community development strategy in its provincial, regional and local public health plans, revisiting the Ottawa Charter and supporting local communities to act upon social inequities by doing so.
  2. Emily Fisher: Emily studies how to create and maintain healthy and supportive school environments
    for adolescents. Her talk focuses on a specific type of school, called a Recovery High School, through her work on an evaluation project with her supervisor, Dr. Finch.
  3. Marie Grimm: Marie’s presentation outlines how the Norwegian Public Health Act has stimulated municipal policies to reduce social inequities in health while promoting inter-sectoral collaboration and local autonomy.
  4. Vikram Niranjan
  5. Irene Owusu-Poku (video): Irene’s project was a project she led a student in Ghana pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health in the year 2009. Her project is on sanitation on campus. Irene looked at health promotion in practice in a setting(university campus). She explored the possibilities of using effective leadership, collaboration and Partnership to solve a sanitation problem in the school setting.
  6. Puspa Raj Pant:
  7. Mariana Sanmartino(video): The focus of her career is on the search for answers and tools that preserve the value of education and communication as key tools to address the problem of Chagas. The presentation shares some of the reflections and work of Mariana and her group in this regard.

    ISECN Panel: Vikram, Marie, Puspa, Hope, and Emily


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