Health Promotion Systems

Health Promotion Systems a broad category that includes the supporting work and infrastructure that underpins the other health promotion work that the IUHPE does.  This includes capacity building, advocacy, health literacy, surveillance, communications, evidence of the effectiveness of health promotion and the work of the global working groups and networks, evaluation frameworks, competencies, accreditation schemes, tools and experiences,  research, transferability of implementation evidence and practice knowledge across culture, systems, structures and contexts, health indicators, and new technologies (websites, mobile phones, social networks).

Hope Corbin, USA

Hope is involved in several areas of work in this priority area. Her academic research examines collaboration/partnership functioning which is a major strategy within health promotion work and its systems. Hope’s roles as founder/Global Chair of ISECN and current leader of the ISECN working group on New Media also clearly fall within this priority. Feel free to contact, hopecorbin @, if you would like to discuss health promotion collaborations, ISECN or New Media.