Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Erectile Dysfunction, from Symptoms to Causes to Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a well-known sexual condition that occurs among men. What once was a condition mostly seen in older men, we are now seeing the condition arise more and more among men of all age groups. Erectile Dysfunction is also referred to in short as ED, but a more common name is impotence but used less frequently now days; is explained to be in in ability for a man to obtain or to maintain an erection during sexual activity. ED is not particularly an uncommon condition experienced by men. ED is usually linked to other issues occurring in the body of a man.

Causes of ED : Anger &Anxiety

Many other health conditions have been found to be linked to causing the occurrence of men experiencing ED frequently during sexual activity. Not one medical condition in particular is linked to ED but a mirid of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, kidney disease, stress, anxiety, depression and high cholesterol all have been found to have some contributing factors. Other contributing factors that may cause ED to occur are one’s personal habits such as drug use, alcoholism, relationship stressors and/or tobacco use. To narrow down the true cause of why a man may be suffering from ED, a health care professional may consider infrequent ED to be linked to stress and frequent Ed being linked to an underlying health condition.

Is There a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction?

To truly understand erectile dysfunction and how to possible treat it is knowing how it is being caused in the body and figuring out how to reverse the issue. ED occurrence in the body happens when the important blood vessels in an around the abdominal cavity are narrow and constricted to the point where adequate blood flow is interfered when a man becomes aroused. For a normal erection, the muscle in the penis relaxes when a man becomes aroused and this allows for ample blood to flow to the penis to achieve an erection. During ED the muscles never relax, causing an interruption in the blood flow and subsequently maintains the penis in a limp position.

Treatment: Viagra and others

In treating Ed, some men may expect to go to the doctor and receive treatment the same day. In some cases a medical professional may prescribe Viagra professional to help with the superficial issue of ED until a proper assessment and diagnosis has been completed.

Confronting Shame

Men that experience ED feel a lot of embarrassment and shame. This subsequently results in some men not being properly treated for the condition because of their ego being consumed by embarrassment. Men who seek medical treatment actually end up having promising outcomes to rectifying ED. ED is not a life ending and/or irreversible condition. Therapy with a combination of medication, in some instances, can reverse the effects of ED. Before a medical professional takes action in treating ED, they first attempt to understand what the underlying issue may be. In some cases if a health issue is uncovered in assessing the cause of ED, treating that health condition with sometimes correct the ED without any further treatment. It is imperative to uncover the cause of ED in a man because the wrong treatment will not yield positive results and ultimately leave the man feeling hopeless and he will lose motivation to correct the issue.

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