About Us

The mission of ISECN is to identify, support and serve the needs of this IUHPE membership category by mobilizing student and early career professionals within the larger network.

Similarly to the operation of the general IUHPE membership, this group will fulfill its mission by building and engaging an independent, global, professional network of people to encourage the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, know-how, and experiences, and by developing relevant collaborative projects, both at global and regional levels, and possibly, by topic.


  1. To encourage student/early career professionals’ participation in the larger IUHPE network.
  2. To create resources, programs and projects that meet the needs of student and early career members.
  3. To enrich the strength of the IUHPE by contributing the unique perspectives, experience and energy of students and early career professionals to current projects, programs, publications and conferences.
  4. To become active in shaping the IUHPE of the future according to the needs and interests of students and early career professionals.


This working group will pursue these goals by:

  • Creating forums and mechanisms for students and early career professionals to exchange ideas regarding their needs, interests and possible opportunities.
  • Mobilizing the student and early career professional membership within the organization to ensure they are appropriately represented in the general organization.
  • Undertaking activities that are in line with the overall mission of the IUHPE that the group feels are being neglected or would like to initiate.
  • Providing links for one another within the global network which can facilitate our learning and professional growth.
  • Strengthening the capacity of the organization to fulfill its mission into the future.

How YOU can get involved:

  • Become an IUHPE member and request to be added to the ISECN group: http://iuhpe.org/
  • Search for the ISECN group at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118529986140
  • As an ISECN member, join in an existing activity or working group, or create a new one according to your interests

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