This website

The website you see in front of you is the product of the ISECN New Media working group.

The general idea for the current website was the vision of Hamid Benalia. (Thank you, Hamid!).

His ideas were then put into action by a team of people. Together, a theme was selected, one person worked on the banner, while another created links, a team of three wrote content for the various pages, another recruited a technical expert and hunted down the appropriate platforms and service providers, as we move forward multiple people will update content on a monthly basis. This website is the epitome of effective collaboration!

My most sincere thanks go to the New Media volunteers: Crystal Andvik, Amy Blaisdell, Dana Karen Ciccone, Emily Fisher, Marie Grimm, Julianne Hesse, Ngasuma Kanyeka, Gabriel Oguda, and Angelina Wilson. A SPECIAL THANKS also goes out to Tobias Baum who volunteered his time and website expertise to ISECN.

We hope you get a ton of great information from its pages!

Hope Corbin

Current Leader of the ISECN Working Group on New Media

Global Chair of ISECN

1 May 2011

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