Book & Article Reviews


Below are book reviews and reviews of seminal articles in health promotion written by fellow health promoters around the world.

The list is ordered in alphabetical order by title.

Blaming the Victim, by William Ryan

Taking a look at a “Brilliant Expose” Book review by Daniel Fuller Blaming the victim, by William Ryan, is an often cited book in health promotion. The exposure and detailed explanation of the victim blaming ideology, in part, frames a … Continue reading

Case Studies in Global School Health Promotion: From Research to Practice, Edited by Cheryl Vince Whitman and Carmen E. Aldinger

School Health Promotion: Achieved Through Different Paths Book Review by Emily Fisher This dense book is packed with case studies highlighting perspectives and experiences of the process varying communities undertook to create and sustain health promoting schools all over the … Continue reading

Communicating About Health: Current Issues and Perspectives, By Athena du Pré

Talking about Health Book review by Novella Martinello “…health communication is a part of everyday life. Everyone is involved in some way. Our ideas about health are influences by health care professionals, friends, family members, coworkers, educators, advertisers, entertainers, public … Continue reading

Inclusive Education: International Voices on Disability and Justice, Edited by Keith Ballard

Book Review by Tara Jenson,BA(c) Western Washington University When students show that they may not be fully capable of keeping up in mainstream public school classrooms, they are often referred to special needs programs within their school or to a … Continue reading

Kwabena: An African Boy’s Journey of Faith, by David Mensah

A Friend of the Poor Book Review by Crystal Andvik Kwabena reveals a story of how an African boy struggled as an orphan to free himself from a vicious cycle of extreme poverty and abuse. Growing up in Northern Ghana, … Continue reading

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions, by Dan Ariely

Learning to outsmart ourselves Book Review by Crysal Andvik Irrational behavior is a part of human nature, but Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, has discovered in his 20 years of research that … Continue reading

Promoción de la Salud. Conceptos, reflexiones, tendencias

Por Mariana Sanmartino, Grupo de Didáctica de las Ciencias (CCT La Plata – CONICET –  UNLP), Argentina  ¿Discurso iluminista o práctica transformadora?; ¿formas de culpabilizar a la víctima o desmedicalización?; ¿nuevos conceptos o nuevas prácticas? Algunos de estos dilemas, no … Continue reading


Comment rendre intelligible les liens complexes entre santé publique et globalisation Par Marie-Claude Tremblay Le livre « La santé publique globalisée » propose un regard analytique concernant l’impact de la globalisation sur le champ de la santé publique. Pour ce … Continue reading

Sick individuals and sick populations by Geoffrey Rose

Review by Sidney Ortun Flament This article has revolutionized the health promotion approach. The impact goes beyond the field of epidemiology and into that of public health generally. Doyle, Furey and Flowers (2005) affirmed that the central messages transmitted by … Continue reading

Status Syndrome: How your social standing directly affects your health by Michael Marmot

Book Review by Francesca Ramondetti “Socioeconomic differences in health are not confined to poor health for those at the bottom and good health for everyone else. Rather, there is a social gradient in health in individuals who are not poor: … Continue reading

Stones into Schools. Promoting Peace with Books, not Bombs in Afghanistan and Pakistan, By Greg Mortenson

Building Bridges Across the World Book Review By Emily Fisher “When you take the time to actually listen, with humility, to what people have to say, it’s amazing what you can learn.” Greg Mortenson follows up his best-selling book, Three … Continue reading

The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About It, by Paul Collier

The Bottom Billion Book review by Crystal Andvik In this widely acclaimed book, The Bottom Billion, Paul Collier, examines how and why impoverished countries are falling behind while developed countries continue to prosper. A professor of economics and director of … Continue reading

The Food Wars, by Walden Bello

Food Production and Distribution: A Way Forward Book Review by Martine Shareck “The analysis of the food crisis, the spread of capitalist industrialist agriculture, and the plight and resistance fo the peasantry, are the central concerns of this book.” In … Continue reading

The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic and How it Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World, by Steven Johnson

Book Review by Daniel Fuller The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson is a must read for everyone interested in one of the archetypal example of intervention in public health. All public health students know the story, have heeded the call … Continue reading

The Grandest Challenge: Taking Life-Saving Science from Lab to Village. By Dr. Abdallah Daar & Dr. Peter Singer

The Lab finally meets the Village  Book Review by Gabriel Oguda  Have you ever wondered why 10% of global spending on health research was used to study conditions in developing countries yet people there suffered 90% of the global disease … Continue reading

The Inverse Care Law, by Julian Tudor Hart

Review of a Seminal Article in Health Promotion Review Written By Sidney Ortun Flament: THE INVERSE CARE LAW Hart JT. The Inverse Care Law. Lancet 1971; i: 405-12. The poor face many barriers to services (not only health services but … Continue reading

The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics, by Riane Eisler

It is time for a caring revolution Book Review by Crystal Andvik ‘With the accelerating speed of economic globalization – when corporations that control international financial and technological flows that play by uncaring rules – the need for a more … Continue reading

The Tibetan Art of Living, by Christopher Hansard

In From the Cold Book Review by Morgan Stavoestrand The Tibetan Art of Living, by Christopher Hansard, provides an unusual and welcome opportunity for the reader to depart on a journey inward to the root of suffering and illness, and … Continue reading

The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good, by William Easterly

His grand plan? There is no grand plan. Book Review by Crystal Andvik In the compelling book The White Man’s Burden, William Easterly, exposes the failures of Western aid to developing countries. A professor of Economics at New York University … Continue reading

Toward the Health City: People, places and the politics of Urban Planning, by Jason Corburn

Book review by Daniel Fuller Toward the Healthy City is a book that is of interest to academics, community leaders and interested citizens. Jason Corburn is well read in urban planning and public health literatures making this book relevant for … Continue reading

Two Families: Treaties and Government, by Harold Johnson

I Am Listening, Cousin Book review by Morgan Stavoestrand In his passionate book, Two Families:  Treaties and Government, Harold Johnson invites the reader to discover an indigenous view of the foundations of the country that has become Canada.  He offers … Continue reading

Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative, By Edward R. Tufte

Illuminating Avenues for Data Presentation Book Review by Emily Fisher “Our thinking is filled with assessments of quantity, an approximate or exact sense of number, amount, size, scale. In scientific work, both order-of-magnitude reasoning and precise measurements are pervasive. How … Continue reading

Workplace Health Promotion: A Salutogenic Approach, by Anders Hanson

Book Review by Peter Delobelle During the “Meet the authors” sessions at the 20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion in Geneva, July 11-15, Anders Hanson presented his book, Workplace Health Promotion: A Salutogenic Approach, to a small audience of … Continue reading

Yo, X. ¡La vida cotidiana de nuestro mundo, con la seriedad del humor!

Promocionando la salud con afectividad Reseña de “Yo, X. ¡La vida cotidiana de nuestro mundo, con la seriedad del humor!” Por Mariana Sanmartino, Grupo de Didáctica de las Ciencias (CCT La Plata – CONICET – UNLP), Argentina Yo, X es … Continue reading