IUHPE Conference in Brazil, 2016

Reflections on the 22nd IUHPE World Conference in Brazil

 By Sara Rodgers

The 22nd IUHPE World Conference in Curitiba, Brazil was a much needed opportunity for IUHPE members to come together in the face of the challenges of a new era in public health. It was a time of discussion surrounding the future direction of the IUHPE, as well as the implications of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the role of the IUHPE in its positions and work toward making sense of them.

The conference was also a great opportunity for current ISECN members to come together in person to think about how we can move forward as the future of the IUHPE, as well as to rally new student and early career support locally. At this year’s conference, ISECN recruited new members and spread information about our work through the ISECN Information Session, in addition to presenting our sub-plenary session, “Art as a Tool and Bridge for Health Promotion.”

The sub-plenary session was comprised of two parts, occurring simultaneously: a gallery walk featuring the work of ISECN members and other students from all over the world, and an interactive portion, which allowed the sub-plenary attendees to create artwork based on the tools and bridges that come to mind for them through their own experiences with health promotion.

The gallery walk incorporated an incredible variety of artwork, including photography, poetry, music, and illustrations. All of these mediums came together to produce an extremely well received presentation, which gave IUHPE conference attendees a space to express their creative side and take in the brilliant work of our network members. Among others, the gallery walk included the following presentations:

  • Erika Bro – El Camino de Promoción de Salud: Health and Wellness as a Pilgrimage
  • Ozge Karadag Caman – Photovoice as a Health Promotion and Empowerment Tool
  • Bianca Palmieri – Graffiti: Street Voices for Health Promotion
  • Hope Corbin/Makenzie Foster/Western Washington University students – Using Art as a Teaching Tool in the University Classroom
  • Mariana Sanmartino – Lines and Colors to Rethink the complexity of Chagas Disease
  • Sara Zarei – Spiritual health through poetry

Overall, ISECN’s presence at the 22nd IUHPE World Conference drew attention to the network and provided us with the chance to showcase the capabilities of members, which will add to the network’s positive reputation and allow us to take on a stronger role as an influential part of the IUHPE.

DSC_1391Sub-plenary presenters and volunteers from left to right: Bianca Palmieri (Brazil), Robyn Perlstein (Australia), Hope Corbin (United States), Mariana Sanmartino (Argentina), Makenzie Foster (United States), Sara Rodgers (United States), Kauey Atanascovick (Brazil), Sara Zarei (Iran), and Silvana Moretti (Brazil).

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