Oxford Round Table: 10th Annual Conference on Health, Nutrition, Nursing and Aging

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Oxford Round Table: 10th Annual Conference on Health, Nutrition, Nursing and Aging
August 4, 2013
August 8, 2013
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May 17, 2013
Merton College in the University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom

Topics of Interest for this session will be:

Nursing Education
• The Advancement of Nursing in Higher Education
• Primary Care
• Community and Public Health
• Alternative Medicine
• Children’s Health
• Modern Nursing
• End-of-life Nursing Education (ELNEC)
• Continuing Nursing Education
• Globalization of Higher Education in Nursing

• Designing Healthy Life Styles
• Creating Effective Health Interventions
• Dealing with Anti-Nutritional Factors
• Inducting Appropriate Eating Habits
• Treating Eating and Behavioral Disorders
• Health Education
• Health and Science
• School and Community Health
• Sociological Aspects of Health Education
• Women’s Health
• Health Planning
Nutrition and Obesity
• Nutrition in Science
• Research Findings in Obesity and Poor Health
• Remediation through Proper Nutrition
• Eating Habit Psychology
• Exercise Regimen for Youth and Adults
• School and Community Health Programs
• Remedying Childhood Obesity

Successful Aging
• Counseling of the Aging
• Nutrition and Aging
• Physical Activity and Fitness  for the Elderly
• Status of Quality of Life for the Elderly
• Social and Cultural Perceptions of Aging
• Responsibility of Government for Health Care and Well-Being
• Psychology of Aging
• Intimacy, Love and Sexuality
• Aging and the Role of Religion
• Living Arrangement, Social Interactions and End-of-Life Care
• Mental Health in Old Age
Substance Abuse
• Programs for Instruction in Health Education
• Methods to Address Drug Abuse
• Approaches to Alcohol Awareness
• Remedies for Obesity and Dietary Excesses
• Strategies for Reduction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• From Biology to Ethics
• Drug and Alcohol Education

Sports and Health
• Sports Medicine
• Sports and Nationalism
• Sports in History
• Health and Sports Culture
• Psychology of Sports and Leisure
• Economics of Sports
• Sports Medicine and Care of Injuries
• Students and the NCAA
• Money and College Sports

Health and Education of Children in Poverty
• Demographics of Child Poverty
• Income Disparity between Households
• Education and health
• Race Dimensions
• Human Rights of Children
• Parental prerogative and abuse
• Child slavery and sexual exploitation
• Religion, morality and the parent
• Interests of parents versus children


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