Africa (AFRO) Region

Welcome to ISECN’s Page dedicated to the African Region!

This section highlights health promotion activities going on in Africa: these are activities discovered and explored by ISECN members or activities that ISECN members are actively involved in. Many of the included pieces are originally published in ISECN’s monthly publication, Health Promotion Connection.

Patrick Mwesigye is our Regional Coordinator for the Africa Region. Please contact him if you are interested in getting involved in this region: [email protected]


The Global Health Education Divide

“Scaling up health promotion interventions in the era of HIV/AIDS: Challenges for a rights based approach” by Mickey Chopra & Neil Ford

Health Promotion Education from Abroad: Challenges and Benefits

Spotlight on a Health Promoter: Anthony Kamau

Health Promotion in Africa: Perspectives from the article: “What is needed for health promotion in Africa: band-aid, live aid or real change?” by Sanders, et al.

Mental Health Promotion in Ghana: A focus on Basic Needs

A health promotion approach to mainstreaming Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) Control and Prevention Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa

Health Promotion through Hospitals: a Pilot Project in South Africa