North America (NARO) Region

Welcome to ISECN’s Page dedicated to the North American Region!

This section highlights health promotion activities going on in North America: these are activities discovered and explored by ISECN members or activities that ISECN members are actively involved in. Many of the included pieces are originally published in ISECN’s monthly publication, Health Promotion Connection.

Sarah Schwaller (United States) and Megan Kirk (Canada) are the NARO Regional Coordinators for ISECN.

Aging Issues: Falls Prevention in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Exploring the Changing Nature of Public Health Nursing Practice

Keeneland Conference – Conference Perspective


Perspective from the Politics of Health Conference

Health Promotion – Intervention Mapping

The Health Impact of Incarceration on HIV Positive African Americans

Conférence de l’Association Canadienne de Santé Publique : Perspective d’une étudiante

Using Street Papers for Health Promotion in the USA