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for health and equity in health within and between all nations



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Mental health promotion, human flourishing, positive psychology, occupational health, family research, relationship research, networking, single mother health, child protection worker health, health and well-being in poor communities, values, life meaning, resilience

Phd Synopsis

Cordwell, Lauren

Enhancing the role of civil society in promoting health.
Reducing health inequalities within and between countries.
Raising awareness of the political and economic factors that impact upon health.
Reorienting health services towards the perspective of consumers, carers and communities.

International Master in Health Promotion (Spring 2008)
Processes and factors that facilitate collaboration.
Member of national working group on implementation of health promoting standards in hospitals

Interests include enteropathogens, international collaboration and public health. Current work

Relationships and mental health, indigenous health,
equity, human rights, communication, salutogenesis, philosophical
issues related to health

Complexity Science, Setting health promotion ( particularly health promoting schools) , Mother and child health and Networking

Skagseth, Inga Fjelltveit

Master of Philosophy in Health Promotion (Spring 2008)
Positive psychology, adolescent health, physical activity and psychological health

Men and health promotion (and gender more broadly)
Health equity
Health promotion workforce planning
Nexus between research-policy-practice


Healthy Promoting Organisations/Settings; Networking; International Healthcare Systems; Best practice: effective tools in health promotion and for health promoting professionals.