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We cite from the IUHPE invitation mail:

?VHPO replaces the former trilingual electronic journal of the IUHPE Reviews of Health Promotion & Education Online (RHP&EO), which sought to provide a forum for discussion and dialogue on various resources available to the global the health promotion community. All the papers of the former RHP&EO as well as those of the former Internet Journal of Health Promotion (IJHP) have been archived on www.vhpo.net.

Taking advantage of the resources technology has to offer, with VHPO we have changed the format from a journal to an open live forum for the health promotion community to provide their views on IUHPE's strategic development and health promotion hot topics. VHPO encourages dialogues in English, French and Spanish.

The innovative aspect of VHPO is that the dialogues are summarised and widely disseminated via IUHPE print journals, and are placed on the agenda of the IUHPE Board of Trustees. By participating in VHPO dialogues, IUHPE members and non-members alike have the opportunity to influence IUHPE priorities and activities.

Be an active user of VHPO to help it succeed!?