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Amy Blaisdell, Boston/USA

Affiliation University of Bergen, M.Phil. International Health Promotion Involvement in ISECN/IUHPE Previously Amy worked as a professional in digital media. This experience has led to her role here at ISECN in analyzing our website traffic and site usage. Research/work interests … Continue reading

Angelina Wilson, Accra/Ghana

Affiliation University of Bergen, M.Phil International Health Promotion Involvement in ISECN/IUHPE She is working as part of the Editorial Board for ISECN newsletter; specifically bringing together information on Health Promotion around the World. Research Work or Interest Angelina has a … Continue reading

Crystal Andvik, Bergen/Norway

Affiliation: Crystal completed her MA Philosophy in Health Promotion (2010) at the University of Bergen, Norway. ISECN/IUHPE involvement: Crystal has been an active member of IUHPE and ISECN since 2008. She joined the New Media Group in 2010 working together … Continue reading

Dana Karen Ciccone, New Haven/USA

Affiliation: Dana is a Project Manager at the Yale Global Health Leadership Institute. ISECN/IUHPE involvement: Dana has been a member of the ISECN New Media Working Group since 2008 and was a member of the online support team for the … Continue reading

Daniel Fuller, Montreal/Canada

Affiliation: Ph.D. candidate in Public Health (Health Promotion option) at the Université de Montréal. ISECN/IUHPE Involvement: Dan has been actively involved with ISECN/IUHPE and was a volunteer at the 2010 IUHPE world conference. He frequently contributes to the ISECN Newsletter … Continue reading

Elisha Riggs, Melbourne/Australia

Affiliation: Dr Elisha Riggs is a Research Fellow at the McCaughey Centre at The University of Melbourne. ISECN/IUHPE involvement: Elisha has been an active ISECN member, volunteered at the 2010 IUHPE World conference, and was involved in the background work … Continue reading

Emily Hennessy, Nashville/USA

Affiliation: Emily is currently a third year PhD student at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University in the Community Research and Action program. ISECN/IUHPE Involvement: Emily first joined the ISECN leadership team in June 2009 as Global Coordinator, moved on to become the … Continue reading

Erika Bro

Erika Bro is a dedicated and motivated professional pursuing a career in the field of Health Education and Health Promotion. As a graduate from Western Washington University, she attained degrees in Community Health and Spanish and a minor in International … Continue reading

Francesca Ramondetti, Pavia/Italy

Affiliation: I’m a medical doctor specializing in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the Department of Public Health and Neurosciences at the University of Pavia, Italy. I’m personally involved in health promotion activities in primary schools and active member of the … Continue reading

Gabriel Oguda, Nairobi/Kenya

Affiliation Gabriel is currently pursuing an M.Phil (International Health Promotion) degree at the University of Bergen, Norway. IUHPE/ISECN Involvement Gabriel joined IUHPE in 2010 as part of the New Media Group responsible for the redevelopment of the ISECN website. Currently, … Continue reading

Hope Corbin, Bellingham/USA

Affiliation: Hope teaches in the Human Services Program at Western Washington University. ISECN/IUHPE involvement: Hope was the founding member of ISECN and served as its Global Chair from 2006-2011. Hope was elected to the Board of Trustees of the IUHPE for … Continue reading

Juliane Hesse, Magdeburg/Germany

Affiliation Juliane just finished her international Master’s programme in Health Promotion (M.Phil.) at the University of Bergen, Norway. She is self-employed for the German Network of Health Promoting Universities and currently looking for an interesting position in the Austrian job … Continue reading

Laura Tomm-Bonde, Victoria/Canada

Affiliation: Laura is a Canadian Institute of Health Research Funded Doctoral Student studying at the University of Victoria, Canada.   ISECN/IUHPE involvement: Laura is the Global Coordinator to ISECN. Laura started in this role April, 2011. She has been involved … Continue reading

Mariana Sanmartino, La Plata/Argentina

          Afiliación Institucional Mariana es Investigadora del Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET). Su lugar de trabajo es el Grupo de Didáctica de las Ciencias, IFLYSIB (CCT La Plata – CONICET –  UNLP). La … Continue reading

Marie Josefine Grimm, Bergen/Norway

  As a Master of Philosophy in Health Promotion, graduated from the University of Bergen, Norway, I am conducting research on international, national, and local policies to promote health and health equity. My diploma thesis on German policies ( and … Continue reading

Marie-Claude Tremblay, Montréal/Canada

Affiliations: Marie-Claude Tremblay is a Ph.D. candidate in Public Health (Health Promotion), at the Université de Montréal, Canada. Marie-Claude is also involved as a trainee at Direction de santé publique de l’Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de … Continue reading

Martin Zabrodsky, Innsbruck/Austria

Affiliation: Martin Zabrodsky is a fourth semester master student in “International Health Care Management” at the Management Center Innsbruck in Austria, from which he will graduate in September 2012. Research focus: Currently, Martin is writing his thesis about the approach … Continue reading

Martine Shareck, Montreal/Canada

Affiliation: Martine is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Public Health (Health Promotion option) at the Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada. She is also affiliated to the Institut de Recherche en Santé Publique de l’Université de Montréal and the Centre de … Continue reading

Peter Delobelle, Brussels/Belgium

Affiliation Postdoctoral researcher, Member of the Belgian Association of Public Health, Public Health Association of South Africa, Royal Society for Public Health, Global Unification International, and Global Health Council. Involvement in ISECN/IUHPE I have been actively involved in ISECN as … Continue reading

Sidney Flament Ortun

Affiliation: Sidney is currently working as a partnerships coordinator and project developer for a group of associations promoting Agroecology, among which she cofounded Neo-Agri that supports new-peasants. Involvement in ISECN/IUHPE: Sidney has been Professional Development Editor for Health Promotion Connection … Continue reading

Sridevi Adivi, Eastern Mediterranean region

        Sridevi Adivi has a Master’s in Applied Public Health nutrition and is a consultant of public health and WASH.  Her professional experience is diverse and includes work in public health and non-profit sector. Lifestyle and behavioral … Continue reading

Sussy Nchogu, Nairobi/Kenya

Affiliation Sussy is a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the African Development and Emergency Organization. She has been involved in development work since 2006 in several NGOs as a Program Officer, and consultant. IUHPE/ISECN Sussy joined IUHPE in 2007 and … Continue reading

Torill Bull, Bergen/Norway

Affiliation: Torill is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Health Promotion and Development at the University of Bergen, Norway.  She is also teaching in the health promotion programmes at the University. Her educational background is from nursing and psychology, … Continue reading

Wanda Martin, Victoria/Canada

Affiliation: Wanda is a Nursing PhD Candidate at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. ISECN/IUHPE involvement: Wanda was elected to the Board of Trustees of the IUHPE for 2010-2016. Research focus: Wanda studies food security and health equity. Specifically, … Continue reading