Health Promotion Connection/Conexiones para la Promoción de Salud/Connexion pour la Promotion de la Santé

Emily Fisher

Editor-in-Chief and North America (NARO) Regional Editor

Emily began involvement in ISECN after her first year as a Health Promotion master’s student in Bergen, Norway. After joining, she wanted to get more involved with ISECN’s activities, but was not sure how, so she asked ISECN’s leadership team (Hope Corbin and Torill Bull) for some ideas. They suggested compiling conference or funding opportunities for students and sending these out on a regular basis to the ISECN email list. The first newsletter was sent out in July 2008 and since then the newsletter has slowly developed into something much larger! 

The newsletter’s focus broadened to include stories and commentaries around health promotion research and strategies around the globe. Emily soon realized that to better reach the ISECN membership, a strong team of health promoters dedicated to the newsletter was needed. In early 2011, the decision was made to incorporate multiple editors, and a call for applications was sent out to the ISECN email distribution list. In April of 2011, the Health Promotion Connection/Conexiones para la Promoción de Salud Editorial Board Staff was officially formed. Below are brief bios of the editors and how they plan to contribute to ISECN through their involvement with the newsletter.

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Peter Delobelle

Associate and Europe (EURO) Regional Editor

Peter started his professional career as a general practitioner and medical journalist, but finally chose to join Doctors Without Borders after obtaining a postgraduate certificate in tropical medicine. He worked during several assignments in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia and Afghanistan, where he was responsible for supervision and support of primary health care clinics; monitoring of food security and emergency preparedness; infectious disease surveillance; situation analysis & health needs assessment of internally displaced people.

In 2004 he was recruited by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel Department of Public Health to coordinate a North / South partnership project in a rural area of the Limpopo Province in South Africa, where he worked closely with the then University of the North Department of Nursing and Health Promotion; the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, and the Department of Community Health. After his return to Belgium he continued to visit South Africa, where he monitored the transformation of a rural hospital into a Health Promoting Hospital (HPH) and wrote his recently submitted PhD.

Peter is a member of the European Public Health Association, the Global Health Council, Global Unification International, and IUHPE/ISECN, where he became actively involved as Associate Editor of the ISECN Newsletter.

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Marie Josefine Grimm

Professional Development Editor

Marie Grimm is currently a professional health promoter (the German degree is “Diplom Gesundheitswirtin”). After her studies in Germany, she decided to become a researcher at the international level, and started the International Master of Health Promotion Programme at the University of Bergen. She finishes that degree in 2012, and will focus her studies on social inequities in health and national policies to tackle the social gradient.

Although I am a relatively new member of ISECN (I joined in autumn last year), it did not take a long time for me to wish for active participation. I chose to join ISECN’s efforts through the New Media working group. I enjoy this work very much, yet wanted to undertake more responsibilities and further contribute to the success of ISECN. Thus, working on the monthly newsletter would be fun for me, no matter which media we would use for distribution. In general, I learn new computer programs quickly, but am already proficient with different Adobe Professional programs and WordPress.

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Marie-Claude Tremblay

French Language Editor

Marie-Claude Tremblay est candidate au Ph.D. en santé publique (option promotion de la santé) à l’Université de Montréal (Québec, Canada). Elle est aussi stagiaire à la Direction de santé publique de Montréal, dans le cadre du Programme de formation en recherche transdisciplinaire sur les interventions en santé publique : Promotion, Prévention et Politiques Publiques (4P). Son projet de recherche, intitulé « Évaluation d’un projet de développement professionnel en santé publique : le laboratoire de promotion de la santé », matérialise ses intérêts pour les interventions complexes, la pratique réflexive et les méthodes évaluatives non traditionnelles.

Cette année marque le 25e anniversaire de la Charte d’Ottawa, qui définissait pour la première fois les principes cardinaux de la promotion de la santé en 1986. C’est maintenant à nous, étudiants et jeunes professionnels, à porter et à faire grandir la promotion de la santé à travers de nouvelles réussites. En tant qu’éditrice francophone du bulletin mensuel de l’ISECN, je souhaite stimuler l’échange d’idées, d’expériences et d’opportunités afin d’enrichir votre participation à l’Union internationale de Promotion de la santé et d’Éducation pour la santé (UIPES).

 Gabriel Oguda

Africa (AFRO) Regional Editor

Gabriel is currently pursuing an MPhil (Health Promotion) Degree at the University of Bergen. He is an Assistant Programme Officer at the African Institute for Health & Development (AIHD), Nairobi Kenya.  He was the joint secretary to the Local Organizing Committee of the 7th Global Conference on Health Promotion held in Nairobi in 2009.

Health Promotion, as a discipline, has yet to gain solid ground in Africa. This is due to the fact that professional health promoters have no professionally recognized forum to articulate their contributions towards the expansion of the discipline. Through ISECN, I envision, a platform will be created for African students to come together and engage in health promotion dialogue, while through this process also illuminating the positive strides taken by health promotion in the continent. As AFRRO Regional Representative and Editorial Board Member, I intend to moderate these voices in the platform created through ISECN.

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Gamal Saleh

South East Asia (SEARB) Regional Editor  

Gamal recently accepted his Master Degree after finishing a Bachelor’s Degree from the Medical Major, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Brawijaya in Indonesia. Gamal first heard about ISECN after he met IUHPE President, Michael Sparks, in The First International and 4th National Congress on Health Education and Promotion in Tabriz University, Iran. Michael Sparks encouraged him to join the ISECN.

Gamal is extremely interested in research area and scientific work and has a burning amition to fight against the use of tobacco in South East Asia. He is also heavily involved in the Indonesia Health Student Network, and became a part of the Supervisory Board of V Region Indonesia Health Student Network. Gamal also took on the primary responsibility as Coordinator of Medical education and Training in Human Research and Development of Indonesia Red Cresscent in Malang area and he has participated in various other local organizations.

Through his role in ISECN, he hopes to share relevant knowledge, precious experience, and build a wider network with fellow health promoters. He hopes to find new knowledge in the network so he can bring relevant and timely solutions to conduct health promotion programs South East Area, especially around the issue of tobacco use.

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 Jeanette Pastor

South West Pacific (SWP) Regional Editor

Jeanette Pastor is working in the Department of Health, Northern Territory, Australia, in the area of health promotion research and evaluation. Jeanette’s experience working in health promotion in remote Indigenous communities in Australia and in an international context has led her to pursue opportunities that link these areas of national and international interest. Jeanette hopes to see a more active and lively representation in the region in ISECN and to assist in sharing of information on health promotion practice, networking and building of opportunities to further develop the skills of student and early career health promotion professionals. Jeanette is looking forward to stepping into the role of Regional Coordinator for SWP region.

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Mariana Sanmartino

Latin America (LA) Regional Editor

En 1998 recibió el título de Bióloga en la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina), en 1999 obtuvo una Beca de la Comunidad Helvética con la cual realizó un stage de especialización en Didáctica de las Ciencias en el Laboratorio de Didáctica y Epistemología de las Ciencias (LDES) de la Universidad de Ginebra (Suiza). En 2006 defendió en la Universidad de Ginebra su tesis de doctorado “Faire face à la maladie de Chagas en partant des conceptions des populations concernées” (“Hacer frente a la enfermedad de Chagas a partir de las concepciones de las poblaciones afectadas”), realizada con la dirección del Dr. André Giordan, obteniendo el título de Doctora en Ciencias de la Educación.

Integró el Equipo Técnico del Programa Federal de Chagas, Ministerio de Salud de la Nación. Argentina entre noviembre de 2006 y junio de 2008. En noviembre de 2006 fue aprobado su ingreso a la Carrera de Investigador Científico del Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), en la categoría de Investigadora Asistente. Desarrolla su trabajo en el Grupo de Didáctica de las Ciencias, IFLYSIB (UNLP, CONICET).

El hilo conductor de su carrera es el de reunir elementos para rescatar el valor de la educación y la comunicación como herramientas de lucha contra el Chagas (trabaja en el tema desde el año 1997, de forma ininterrumpida). Nota: Se puede consultar una version actualizada y completa del CV en

Para contactar a Mariana:

Angelina Wilson

Global Perspectives Editor

Angelina is currently pursuing an MPhil (Health Promotion) Degree at the University of Bergen. She was a tutor at the University of Ghana (Department of Psychology). She also has a wide range of experience in administration and market research from various internships during her bachelor’s degree.

My interest in health issues and specifically mental health has always been a driving force for me.  I also noticed that mental health has not received its due place in health promotion. Therefore, as a member of the editorial board of ISECN, I hope that I can contribute my own quota to ensure that mental health promotion is given the needed platform.  I also hope that as a member of ISECN, I can contribute innovative ideas that will help build the needed diversity in the discussion of health promotion issues.

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